About Us

Delivering a journey of thousand miles, with Elegance & Simplicity!

We believe that style should be comfortable and accessible. Zenyataa offers special classic shoes designed in Spain and Italy from well-reputed designers. As we have been in the profession of shoemaking for distinguished customers for a long period of time because we infuse the tradition of rich shoemaking and our experience that we have put together over time. We ensure that the sole of the footwear to be rich and premium with research and a bounty amount.

We make every effort to maintain a quintessential balance between the traditional finesse of handcrafted shoes and the modern techniques of making shoes. Our master craftsmen breathe life into every shoe by designing a separate line of shoes with hand-finished footwear from Italian finishing creams on imported crust leather.

Zenyataa has always surpassed the expectations of quality for both raw materials as well as a finish because we pay attention to the minutest of detail. We feel proud that each shoe that is sold by us has an unmatched quality. With a little care, you can enjoy the comfort and elegance of our shoes for a very long time.