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Trying to break through the chilly winter catastrophe? Yet again, it is that part of the year when one fears to step out. But how about stepping out in a footwear that can curb the chills and allows you to completely slay in style. Well,Zenyataa offers a wide range of Leather shoes that are a perfect combination of style and function, offering a snug fit to your feet. With warmth inside, it carries a certain amount of gloss that makes it shine in the public. Opting a pair of comfortable premium leather shoes, ensures that you will be making a style statement with it, even in the hazy weather.

Zenyataa makes use of the rarest and sturdiest materials for its shoes, achieving a legendary status in the leather industry. The shoe can last for years even after continuous wearing. It brings to the feel of the fabric rather than the fabric itself. It owns a textured and a gritty quality that is soft to touch and cosy to wear. The Zenyataa shoes are available in a wide range of colours for men and women which will pop up your look this winter and make you look classy.

So, swipe your eyes right through our collection and let your feet make the perfect move!