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With a rise in social networking platforms, there are a lot of stations giving style advice of various kinds, but relating your choice of shoes to the business of shoegazing, is not everyone’s cup of tea. ‘A shoe is not a design, but it’s a part of your language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is dictated by your shoes’-Christian Louboutin. Shoes determine your personality and have a direct effect on your body language. Your shoes constitute the very foundation you stand on. More than just a covering to the feet, shoes help provide a way to express ourselves to the world. It is said that the true personality of a person is analysed with the kind of shoes he is wearing. Shoes come in different shape, sizes, textures, designs, colours and prices. Besides looking good, it adds an aura of confidence and lifts up your mood. When it comes to formal shoes, we are often confused about which brand and style to invest in. A perfect pair of formal shoes for men plays an important role in striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. The right pair of formal shoes should be both stylish and functional. Formal shoes may look just the same, but recognising the right pair can be a troublesome job. But, Zenyataa has come all way round to bring the largest range of men’s shoes combining luxury with comfort. One of the recent entrants in the fast-growing footwear industry is a premium shoe brand, Zenyataa. Designed with aesthetic appeal, classy finish, sets this brand apart from the line of other shoe brands. This brand speaks volumes about luxury shoes. Men’s “Formal” style is usually considered as a very depressing attire, be it an expensive tuxedo, a dainty tie or above all a pair of formal shoes. It is usually teamed with words like bespoke and custom, but how far do we succeed in doing justice to these terms. Men’s formal footwear owns a league of its own. These are usually distinguished by their shape or the upper material which usually is leather or velvet. To give daintiness to a formal shoe, it is hued with a satin bow or a tassel. They are being stitched with utmost finesse to harness their quality. Nowadays, some of the plain formals are coming up with ornamental embroidery on top of their upper crests to add an exception to their style. Unlike the regular classic formals, the in-trend ‘slippons’ can be fun to wear with a pair of jeans or semi-formals to bring about the casual-chic mode. Zenyataa understands your choices and the latest trends, and has therefore manifested its energy into the creation of plain, shiny or velvety vestures. The workwear style has fallen victim to the standard uniform of blazer and jeans. Now, Zenyataa is knocking the door to welcome a casual vibe of the modern office. It’s time to invest in the sharp sartorial style. Mules have brought a new revolution into the domain of casual footwear yet elegant.Don’t like to tie laces? Loafers are a fantastic innovation in the shoe industry! A pair of stylish loafers brings down your dressing time and significantly boosts your style quotient! Loafers may also seem to be a peppy option for a formal look-book but they are highly stylish and resourceful. They can get you through weekend festivities as well as classy formal events with effortless elegance. Zenyataa brings an astonishing range of trendy Loafers toyour walk a walk to remember.


A separate line of shoes, Zenyataa has gained massive acceptance in the market. In comfort and fit, Zenyataashoes has turned out to become an essential in the world high-quality shoes.Zenyataa stands out loud to create a noticeable dent in the hearts and minds of the people.  For all the conscious users, Zenyataa is all poised to make a positive remark.

Zenyataa keeps in tune the customer expectations and ever since its launch has created a positive flutter in the market. It brings about latest trends and fashion binges to its customers. Manufactured in the state of the art, owns its grand outlet in Haryana, boasting the latest Italian technology. Zenyataa is on a fast track with innovative technology, unique designs and unparallel customer service. Zenyataa owns its name to the exclusive designs of shoes it manifests for those who value taste for excellency.

Zenyataa has made a clear presence both on web and offline. Due to its niche online presence on Amazon and other best- selling sites, Zenyataa has entered a high- end rank on the digital marketing domain. Zenyataa is also retailing across India’s top, multi-brand stores.Each pair of Zenyataa shoes is a passionate indulgence, a timeless elegance, elevated to the rank of works of art. Zenyataa pursues the art of shoe making; weaving excitement into designing and blending comfort with quality! Every value-for-money pair is an experience to cherish and share. A brand personality reinstated with original design choice, consistently highlighted through trendy styles and technologies across all stages of manufacturing.

Zenyataa offers an extensive collection of modern, vintage, contemporary and retro footwear for men. Varied decidedly into formal, semi-formal, casuals, ethnic and elegant slippons, Zenyataa offers a pair for every mood and occasion. Genuine hide, supple suede or premium whole-cut leather, there’s poise in every step for the shoe addicts. Shop online or at exclusive stores, it’s time to add a booster doze to your enviable collection! Authentic and ambitious, Zenyataa shoes travel a journey from several miles handcrafted with expertise to directly reach your doorstep. Go on, cast a spell and make fashion statement, all bold and explicit with luxury Zenyataa shoes! The retail price of Zenyataa shoes is a little higher than that of the average price of other shoes available in the market. The premium line of shoes proffered by Zenyataa is a sub-segment of the global footwear market and offers a wide range of footwear that comes in multiple colours, special hide, designs, and prices to cater to the needs and purchasing abilities of niche brand-conscious target customers.

Be it black leather or elegant oxblood, find your perfect pair of men’s formal shoes from the latest collection of footwear pieces by Zenyataa. Make a statement in two tone designs or modern suede textures, or keep it simple with traditional brown Oxford intonation. A requisite for every shoe closet, do not miss on the sophistication offered by Zenyataa’sperforated styles, semi-formals or designs with a modern touch that effortlessly work with your formal look. Zenyataa offers a thrilling choice from party vestures to that perfect pair in corporate fit that complements your outfit with a pair of luxury Zenyataa shoes. Zenyataa brags everything from serious formals, to the sophisticated brogues and modern trends in boots.


We present a list of men’s classic shoe models that compliment your tasteand are apt for every occasion.


One of the most versatile shoes, that you can own are these perfectly tanned shoes offered by Zenyataa.Works for everything from dark suit or flannel trousers, to chinos and linen shirts or jeans and polo shirt. Curated with Italian crust leather, these Zenyataa shoes give timeless appeal that will work even in 5-10 years. Single leather sole is the most classic and work most efficiently in all-weather conditions. Zenyataa shoes are available in varied colours like brown, tan, burgundy, black and cyan. Burgundy is one of the most versatile colours to own in footwear. It brings life to the entire outfit with elegance and grace.


This is a class of slightly less formal shoe, which you can easily wear with formal as well as semi-formal outfits. The colour is perfectly blended giving a niche to the entire feet. To add a highlight, it has been tasselled in the centre. The fine stich details imbibed to these shoes bring about the essence of luxury and craftsmanship to the feet. Designed with Italian crust leather Zenyataa shoes  truly speaks of luxury at your feet. 


As a standard, this model is recommended as the first purchase of classic quality shoes, since these pair of shoes must be present in all men’s wardrobes. These Zenyataa shoes truly compliment the office look dressed up in any colour. It gives a more classic, neater edgeto your feet, something that will work throughout a decade. An alternative to these shoes can be a black whole cut shoe model, which has the same level of formality and can be used in exactly the same way.


Boots have been a favourite pick for many, men as well as women, no matter what season it is but boots add a spark of confidence and strength to your personality. Flaunting in different colours, Zenyataa brings to you these crafty loafers to provide a tight snug to your feet filled with style and comfort. Laced efficiently, these shoes are a real gem to make your walk, likely to be remembered by all. These are a classic piece offered by Zenyataa which are hard to find elsewhere.


Here we have a more casual shoe, which works fine for worse weather and more relaxed contexts. If you dress a bit more formal at work, it is an excellent weekend shoe. The embossed grain leather makes it a bit more durable and easier to take care of.  These are made available by Zenyataa in different shades, patterns and textures. Since animal prints are in high demand, these mules are available in exotic animal print designs. These can be paired with a casual trouser and a tee shirt or even a semi- formal outfit. If your taste is towards a sassy look, then these are an ideal pair of shoes. To accentuate your weekend look these Zenyataa mules will work best.


Here we have a nice tan shoe with a tough sole, a shoe that becomes soft and comfortable when you walk. Designed aesthetically, these shoes are structured magnificently with a niche design in the front, pointed with poise. The fine details on its brim brings light to the amount of craftsmanship ushered into its creation. The contradictory pattern on the front and the sides brings to the eye an aura of visual retreat. These Zenyataa shoes are a bliss to the formal shoes, exceeding one’s expectations. Whether paired alongside a smart Navy/Grey suit with razor sharp trouser creases, formal trousers or even denim, these shoes are an ‘go-to’ shoe that will work with more than one attire.


Zenyataa proffers a wide range of trendy sneakers that lace and brace your feet with utmost comfort and coverage. The Zenyataa sneakers are available in different colour combinations and styles. Whether it is weekend or a casual day out with friends, these shoes are perfectly designed to grace every occasion. Zenyataa also helps you ground your feet withan astounding collection of sporty sneakers. Stitched with finesse, Zenyataa shoes are a mandate for your shoe closet.

Zenyataa doesn’t just make shoes, it makes people feel more confident by creating comfortable shoes that gives the perfect fit and freedom they want.